Remarketing with chatbot

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Remarketing is an important part of many companies' marketing strategy. It’s about reaching a customer that you know has shown interest in the company or the products you offer. A messenger chatbot in Facebook Messenger is an excellent remarketing channel.

Remarketing through a channel your customers use

By using Zummy's chatbot for remarketing, you reach your customers on a platform where most people spend their time online every day. 1.3 billion people use Facebook Messenger on a daily bases and the commitment is higher than in many other digital channels. This means that the opportunities for capturing their interest increases significantly compared to, for example, a message sent via email. If you catch their interest, the chance of conversions and sales increases as well.

Remarketing through chatbot is relatively new, just as marketing on Facebook Messenger is rather new. These tools allows you to reach your customers on a channel that they haven’t already gotten tired of adverts in. In addition, it is required that they have signed up to be able to be reached by news from you – just like a newsletter – which makes them even more likely to open and read the content of your message. But unlike email, the customers get the information in a channel that many people use daily, given the fact that they use it as a communication channel with their friends.

How does remarketing work through chatbot?

Zummy's chatbot for remarketing can be customized according to your preconditions and wishes. This means that we can set up the chatbot to fit your business and your goals. For example, you can group your customers based on what they have shown interest in and send out targeted messages about products and services to them. Another option is to automate it, so the group is reached by news every time something new comes up in the range they have previously been interested in. You can also use the automatic features in our chatbot for remarketing, and let the AI in the solution learn what each person likes and has shown interest in. That way, you can set up automatic flows for remarketing via the chatbot.

Messenger chat remarketing benefits:

  • High Open Rate – four times higher than email newsletters.

  • More clicks on the offer or message – nearly five times higher Click Through Rate (CTR) compared to email.

  • Increased commitment from customers – 10-20% more visitors on the website.

Unique remarketing feature via chatbot with AI

Zummy's chatbot is built with an AI as a key feature. The AI can learn how your users and customers behave and what their preferences are. This means that after a while you can customize messages and offers according to what customers have previously interacted with and engaged in. No other chatbot on the market has the same opportunities as Zummy's solution. The development of the AI and the possibilities for remarketing is based on a long experience of machine learning, mainframe analysis and cognitive systems.

We’ll be happy to demonstrate how you and your company can use our chatbot for marketing and remarketing. Get in touch with us and we will show you the solution and tell you exactly what you can gain from using a chatbot for remarketing.