Chatbot for marketing

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With our chatbot for marketing you can send out targeted messages to both groups and people. Based on people's activity on your website, you can segment the customers and send targeted messages to each group. You can also set up Zummy's chatbot and automate messages to people who, for example, have been inactive on the website for some time.

With a chatbot as a tool in your marketing tool box, you not only get a channel to send targeted messages to your customers. You also get a channel for automated remarketing. You can set up the chatbot to send reminders of products that the customer has visited on your website, or send information about similar products that you offer in your range.

Zummy's chatbot for marketing also knows if the website is updated, and can automatically send news and information about updates on the website. In other words, there are a lot of opportunities to effectively utilize a chatbot in Facebook Messenger in your marketing strategy. It is worth repeating how much better information in Facebook Messenger works, compared to email.

Benefits with marketing through a chatbot


  • High opening frequency - four times higher than email send outs.

  • More people tend to click on the offer or message in Facebook Messenger  - nearly five times higher click-through rate (CTR) compared to email.

  • Increased commitment from customers - 10-20% more visits on the website.

  • Possibility to add "Call To Action" buttons, which gives a high conversion rate.


Try chatbot for free!

Try our standard solution for free for one month! You can be up and running within a couple of hours. Connect to the service by completing the information in the form you reach by clicking on the button "Test for free". After the first month you can choose whether you want to continue. After the first trial month you only pay a monthly amount of SEK 300 per 1000 users.

Or you can simply get in touch with us and let us tell you more about the possibilities and functions that suits your business.