Customer cases


AIK Fotboll

AIK Fotboll shares updates from the club and sends offers through the chatbot on Facebook Messenger.


Hegnar share news through the chatbot. The articles is adapted to each reader's preferences.



Hotel guests can easily get information they seek and offers from the hotel through a chatbot.

iGaming, online games and betting

Through Messenger, companies within iGaming can increase their customer response and conversions.




Aktiespararna chatbot


Aktiespararna regularly send out reading tips to readers, based on what they have previously read.

Médecins Sans Frontières uses the Zummy chatbot

Médecins Sans Frontières

Médecins Sans Frontières uses Zummy's chatbot to reach out with their important messages.

Färjestad BK chatbot

Färjestad BK

Färjestad BK gives those who join the Zummy chatbot unique offers and the opportunity to participate in competitions.

Yalalla chatbot


Yalalla in Morocco sends messages to 97,000 users through Zummy's chatbot in Facebook Messenger.

Norrköpings tidningar chatbot

NT, Norrköpings Tidningar

Norrköpings Tidningar offers its readers the opportunity to enjoy news and get offers through Messenger.

Hippson chatbot


Hippson shares news through Facebook Messenger and uses the chatbot as a remarketing channel.

Lyngby Boldklub chatbot

Lyngby Boldklub

Lyngby Boldklub shares news and information through Facebook Messenger to those who join the chatbot.

SvenskJakt chatbot


SvenskJakt sends news from the magazine through the chatbot. Everything based on the reader's interests.

AIK Hockey chatbot

AIK Hockey

AIK Hockey shares the most recent news from the club and news about hockey in their channel on Messenger.

NyTeknik chatbot


NyTeknik keeps its readers updated about the latest and most current technology news through Facebook Messenger.

Dagens Medicin chatbot

Dagens Medicin

Dagens Medicin daily shares news about healthcare via Facebook Messenger.

AIK Fotboll chatbot

AIK Fotboll

AIK Fotboll sells more tickets to their matches since they started using the Zummy chatbot.

Hammarby Fotboll chatbot

Hammarby Fotboll

Hammarby Fotboll uses Facebook Messenger to send out news and offers from the club.

Stockpicker chatbot


Stockpicker shares news from the stock market, stock recommendations and company analyzes via Messenger.

Anlegg & Transport chatbot

Anlegg & Transport

AT, Anlegg & Transport, shares news adapted to each reader, everyone gets a unique composition news.