Chatbot for hotels

Chatbot solution for hotels

Case: The challenge for hotels

Hotels today battle the challenge of getting information about their own customers. There is a lack of user data because the information stays with the booking sites. Hotels are also in need of a new channel for direct marketing, that will work as a service and communication channel for the hotel's existing guests, but also as a channel for finding new and future hotel guests.

The old way of guests contacting the reception with a stationary telephone in the hotel room also seems outdated. A chatbot solution for hotels is both a channel for hotels to reach guests and future customers, and also an easy communication channel for guests. 

Chatbot solution for hotels

The chatbot solution for hotels in Messenger, with QR code, could be the easiest way to overcome the challenge. The chatbot solution for hotels would be a combination of chatbot and QR code. The QR code would be visible at the reception when the guest is checking in. The guest can quickly scan the code and with that sign up for the hotels chatbot channel.

The solution gives the hotel access to useful customer data and the chatbot becomes a marketing channel to reach out with offers to overnight guests and new potential guests. An example could be the hotel with a restaurant, that has a great offer for overnight guests. Instead of seeing the guests leaving the hotel for dinner, the restaurant can send out an offer through the chatbot solution for hotels and invite the guests to have dinner in the hotel. With one click in the message in the chatbot solution the guest can book a table and be done with the dinner reservations.

For the guests the chatbot solution for hotels can be an easy way to ask questions, order food for room service, or book services at the hotel. The channel is one that people use everyday, are used to, and have no trouble to find. With the chatbot solution for hotels guests can easily check the menu or the services at the hotel spa and order or book through the same device they already are using.

Features: Zummy Actionable Bot, QR code registration, scheduled mailing and news.

Chatbot for hotels and their customers


With the Zummy chatbot for hotels in Facebook Messenger, the hotel gets a new, efficient channel for communication, service and marketing. Guests check in and can simultaneously scan the hotel's code with the Messenger app. With that, the guest signs up for information through Facebook Messenger, and can receive information and offers from the hotel, both during and after their stay.

The chatbot in Facebook Messenger gives the hotel access to more customer data, which makes it possible to customize and personalize the communication. In other words, the hotel can adapt the message to each type of customer and their online behavior. They can also reach the customer with new offers after the guest have checked out.


Sign-up conversion rate:
5-10 times higher compared to email

Open Rate:
4-5 times higher than email

Click Through Rate (CTR):
3-5 times more than email

Increased traffic to the site:
Between 10% and 20%.