Chatbot for sports organizations

Chatbot for sport organizations

Chatbot for sport organizations

Customer: AIK Fotboll

The app: AIK Fotboll on Facebook Messenger


The challenge: To reach out through the information noise and get a market channel for supporters who don’t choose to download a sports club’s app.

Results: High engagement through Zummy's chatbot in Facebook Messenger.

Solution: Zummy Information Bot, Chatbot, Call to Action buttons, Live feeds from games.


AIK Fotboll has through Zummy's chatbot in Facebook Messenger made sure to have a channel to communicate efficacious with their supporters. The Zummy chatbot works both as an information bot and as a chatbot, and it has been shown to give good results in the communication with supporters.

With the solution for Facebook Messenger, the club can reach supporters they don’t usually reach through traditional market channels. There are three ways to send messages: directly (real-time), automatically, and scheduled – automatically and manually. AIK Fotboll can communicate with supporters at any time; before, after and – thanks to the feature "live feed" – even during a match.

The app also serves as a platform for generating revenue: ticket sales to matches and other events, advertising space for sponsors, promotion of souvenirs and promotions to supporters using the app. The users' involvement in Facebook Messenger also increases visits to both the site and to the matches.

Information from AIK Fotboll through chatbot

Zummy's solution, which is adapted to sports organizations, is used by several soccer and ice hockey clubs in Scandinavia.


Sign-up conversion rate:
5-10 times higher compared to email

Open Rate:
4-5 times higher than email

Click Through Rate (CTR):
3-5 times more than email

Increased traffic to the site:
Between 10% and 20%.