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Hegnar publisher chatbot

Customer: Hegnar AS

App: Hegnar on Facebook Messenger


The challenge: Get new subscribers to newsletters and increase the click through rate.

Results: Big increase in newsletter subscribers, increased opening frequency with 70% and increased click through rate with 50%.

Solution: Zummy Information Bot, breaking-news feature, scheduled mailing.


Zummy's chatbot with the information function in Facebook Messenger has increased the newspaper Hegnar's registrations with over one hundred new users daily. Scheduled mailings and news via Facebook Messenger have led to a higher commitment and reach. Hegnar sends out news based on each user's reading behavior. The bot adjusts the future content for each person, based on what news each user opens and reads.

The combination of Messenger as a bot channel and the personalization algorithms has been successful. The KPI:s increase for both open rates and click through rates, and continue to remain at a high level.

Zummy Cloud Hegnar


Sign-up conversion rate:
5-10 times higher compared to email

Open Rate:
4-5 times higher than email

Click Through Rate (CTR):
3-5 times more than email

Increased traffic to the site:
Between 10% and 20%.