Chatbot for iGaming, online games and betting

Chatbot for iGaming, online games and betting

Chatbot for iGaming, online betting companies

Case: iGaming and Online Betting companies

– increase conversion
– increase customer interest
– efficient direct marketing and sales
– ways to engage customers through the mobile

Solution: Zummy Chatbot integrated with the company's CRM system.

Features: Zummy Actionable Bot, Social SignUp, Messenger QR Code, Scheduled and Automated Messages, Call to Action Buttons, Zummy API Toolkit.


By using Zummy's chatbot for communication in Facebook Messenger, iGaming companies can increase and level up their customer response and conversions.

Much of our communication today is handled over the mobile through various apps. Zummy's chatbot enables iGaming companies to reach their customers where they spend their time, which is usually online. Without having to change the communication platform or digital channel, users can get updates and reminders about their interests.

Customers sign up on the company website, on the Facebook page or directly in Messenger. The company can communicate directly and individually with all of their customers, by using our machine learning algorithms for Facebook Messenger together with integrated CRM data from the iGaming company.


Sign-up conversion rate:
5-10 times higher compared to email

Open Rate:
4-5 times higher than email

Click Through Rate (CTR):
3-5 times more than email

Increased traffic to the site:
Between 10% and 20%.