Reach your customers faster and more efficiently.

Through Messenger, with content designed for their interests!

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Through Zummy's AI driven chatbot, you can reach your customers, who can be subscribers, readers or pure customers, in a new way. Use Facebook Messenger to reach your customers quickly and efficiently. Through our chatbot you can get messages and offers to customers right into the flow that they daily use to keep in touch with friends. You can send out articles based on what the customer has opened earlier or use it as a remarketing channel.

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Benefits with Zummy's chatbot:

  • Increased open rate, compared to newsletters via email.

  • Better click through rate (CTR) than email.

  • Remarketing in a channel where your customers are daily.

  • Possibility to add "Call To Action" buttons, with a high conversion rate as a result.

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Possibilities with Zummy's chatbot in Messenger


Send targeted messages to customer groups. Divide your customers into groups based on interest, bought products or something else. Send messages with information designed to fit each group.


Use the Messenger channel to attract customers who have been searching for products on your website. Remind them of their latest search and send them information about similar products.


Submit articles or information based on what Zummys AI learned about your customers. Each customer gets a unique message with content especially designed for them.


Let the chatbot become your customer service and free the resources that is put on recurring issues. With the chatbot the customer service is closer to your customers while your employees can work smarter.